We supply bituminous/steam coal (Duff 0 x 10mm, Grains 5 x 15mm, Peas 7 x 25mm and Small Nuts 25 x 50mm) to the local market only. Please note that we do NOT export bituminous/steam coal, so please refrain from sending through any enquiries in this regard. All new business is strictly cash up front prior to loading. For any enquiries with regards to steam coal stock availability (local South African market only) please email our steam coal specialist, Johann Jacobs, at the following email address: jwj@slater.co.za

We supply metallurgical coal / anthracite into both the local market and the international market. For any enquiries with regards to anthracite stock availability (local and international market) please email our anthracite specialist, Ryan Slater, at the following email address: ryan@slater.co.za

For any orders of steam coal under 34 tons (34 tons is the minimum order quantity for all business placed with Johann or Ryan), please contact our yard administrator Johnny to see what product is available in smaller quantities on a cash basis from our Balmoral site. Johnny's email address is johnny@slater.co.za


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