With the granting of water use rights being a major bottleneck issue in South Africa, waterless washing provides a great opportunity to fast-track coal beneficiation on sites as merely crushing & screening rights are needed to proceed with the processing of material through the allair jig.

The allair is a cutting edge piece of German engineering, but enjoys the support of a top local engineering firm, namely IMS, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The allair makes use of both nuclear and air technology to separate coal at the selected density and offer clients a clean, dry finished product. With no water needed, no slurry dams are necessary. Super fines are collected dry in bags.

Slater Coal Marketing can offer approved clients the allair on a 'BOOM' basis, namely where SCM have Bought, Own, Operate and Manage the machinery on behalf of its clients, whereby ultimately offering its clients a per-ton rate for the use of the machinery.

The allair provides a solution that is both economically sound and environmentally friendly.

To download the brochure on the allair, please click here.

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